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Refresh Storytelling Skills

Because a transmedia format involves the use of multiple entry points in the telling of a story, you will need a solid foundation in dramatic narrative or linear story structure.

“A great story is a kind of miracle…” ~ Stanley Kubrick

Whether linear or fragmented in structure, a story still relies on the language of action. If you don’t know what an “action” is or how to set up a scene (unit of dramatic action), it’ll be difficult to create a compelling transmedia format.

Bottom line: If you can’t tell a good story in a single medium, you may fall to your knees if you try to distribute pieces of that story across multiple platforms and then attempt to integrate those pieces.

If you need to brush up on your storytelling skills, we’ve provided the lecture series of J. Dakota Powell’s UCLA course on dramatic narrative.

This course covers the main components of dramatic narrative, ranging from theme to advancing the action. The lectures also serve as a practical guide – many colourful examples to peruse – on linear story construction.