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Clara Fernández-Vara, Chaki Ng, Marty Perlmutter, Omer Shapira and Steven Tabakin Judge VR Hackathon NY
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TimeWave 2014 - 2015

TimeWave 2014-2015 gathers creative media artists and technologists to explore the use of technology in storytelling and to invent new forms of media and entertainment.

On July 10-12, 2015, LoNyLa/TimeWave partners with NYVR, NYC Media Lab and Littlstar to conduct a VR (virtual reality) hackathon. Hosted by Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), NYU, the VR hackathon will take place at the NYU Tisch building at 721 Broadway. Sponsors include: EEVO, Fake Love, Leap Motion, Littlstar, Oculus, Unity 3D and VISR. The event will gather creative media artists, designers and developers to implement rapid prototypes of diverse VR formats - experiences, storytelling, applications and games.

In late autumn 2015, we aim to launch the next incarnation of the TimeWave festival. Given the evolution of technology in the media and entertainment space, LoNyLa/TimeWave is brainstorming the concept of an interactive playground. We envision the formats developed in the lab and VR hackathon to take yet another leap and become polished work for audiences. TimeWave 2015 details - dates, location and format - will be announced.

The programme is produced by LoNyLa (London-NY-LA), a transatlantic initiative fueled by graduates of Yale University and the Yale School of Drama and a powerhouse Anglo-American team.

See highlights of the June 2013 TimeWave festival - an international theatre & technology event which gathered 40 actors, 18 writers, 17 directors and multimedia artists and streamed in new work from London, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, Madrid and Montreal. Our supporters included Walt Disney Imagineering, Hathersage Capital Management, Arts Council England, Telestream and Vidyo.

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