International - Digital Storytelling
The Fusion of Media and Technology

The TimeWave Tipi Programme 2014-2015 gathers storytellers and technologists from different regions around the world to share stories on a pressing theme - water, energy and food - via a combination of live and online performances, transmedia hackathons and panels featuring scientists and artists.

In November 2014, February 2015 and May 2015, TimeWave will present a live performance consisting of eight to 10 stories and employing telepresence. The performance will be broadcasted live and recorded over the Internet. Location and dates TBA.

A transmedia hackathon will be held prior to each performance, allowing artists and developers to explore the digital frontiers of storytelling. Social media tools will encourage the participation of online audiences in Tipi stories, games and challenges.

The programme is produced by LoNyLa (London-NY-LA), a transatlantic initiative fueled by graduates of Yale University and the Yale School of Drama and a powerhouse Anglo-American team.

See TimeWave Festival 2013 for the inaugural event.


TimeWave Tipi Programme 2014-2015 builds on the TimeWave Festival of 2013.

Why Tipi? The Native Americans of the Great Plains lived in tipis - cone-shaped tents made of animal skin or tree bark. Originally from the Lakota language, "tipi" translates as "they dwell." TimeWave is a home for creative experimentation with digital tools.